Menu - Soups

We believe in the simple pleasure of eating good food. Food that is fresh, tasty, and is a celebration of life in itself. We have a live-grill that is placed directly on your table so that you can grill your starters and savour them while they are still sizzling! You can choose from a selection of meat, seafood or vegetarian delicacies - we provide all the marinades and sauces that you will need. And for dinner we pamper you with a mouth-watering all-you-can-eat selection. The soups and salads and main courses are taken from cuisines around the world – Mediterranean, American, Oriental, Asian, and yes, even Indian! So bring along your family or friends, and your appetite, when you visit any of our restaurants!
Menu items subject to availability.

Tomato dhania shorba

A thin soup of tomatoes and coriander blended in Indian spices.