Pat Chapman Grills the World. Exclusively for Barbeque Nation


At a time when most men seek to retire and put their feet up, Pat Chapman is still on fast forward. A celebrity chef and a writer, he's had a highly interesting and successful series of careers behind him. But throughout his life, he never lost touch with his first love: Indian food.

Coming from a family whose history and connections with India spans centuries, Pat Chapman grew up eating and loving Indian food. Over the last 30 years, he has become the leading European authority on Indian cuisine, restaurants - through a series of books, articles, TV shows, radio appearances... Simultaneously, he has also become an expert on barbecues. So naturally, India's leading chain of barbecue restaurants, Barbeque Nation, turned to him to create 14 exclusive marinades for its biggest event ever: Pat Chapman Grills the World.

As a result, Pat Chapman set off to travel the world studying the most exciting barbecue cultures. Returning to England, he spent an intense few weeks creating 14 fabulous marinades. Out of these have emerged a set of exciting grills and dishes that range from the American southwest to the Australian outback, from the fiery Caribbean to the heart of China, taking in Europe and Arabia on the way.

Pat Chapman Grills the World starts on October 3rd. It's an event that will, over a meal at Barbeque Nation, take guests on a wonderful and unforgettable journey around the world.